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I'm Aline,18, as you can see this is a blog for One Direction, If you want you can talk to me about anything or ask me anything also you can se my personal blog if you want to and HI :3


A Year of One Direction:

January: Video premiere for “One Thing”
February: One Direction wins Best British Single at BRIT Awards
March: Kids’ Choice Awards performance and win
April: Appearance on Saturday Night Live
May: “The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction” premieres
June: One Direction’s US tour takes up most of the month
July: Access 1D premieres and One Direction wins a Teen Choice Award
August: One Direction performs at the Olympics Closing Ceremony
September: One Direction wins at the VMAs and the video for “LWWY” premieres
October: One Direction wins and performs at the Teen Awards
November: The video for “Little Things” premieres and One Direction draws the largest crowd in Today Show history
December: Sold-out show at Madison Square Garden!

Here’s to an even bigger 2013! Happy New Year!

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